Puzzles and games:

Don works directly with developers and publishers to create engaging casual games and interactive content for consoles, PCs, mobile devices and the Internet.
Don works directly with clients, or with marketing, design and advertising agencies, to develop engaging and effective short-form games and interactive content for the Internet, mobile devices and CD-ROMs. His work, including the Parking Lot Puzzle, has been featured on many of the Web’s largest sites.

Firemint, Melbourne, Australia

Project Joystick
Lead designer, responsible for the game mechanics and design of a $1M mobile and PC game ("Dung") developed for Telstra BigPond and the Australian Centre for the Moving Image (ACMI).

… an addictive little gem of a game that practically anyone can enjoy
PC World, Australia

Katamari Damacy

Level designer responsible for designing, building, testing and balancing levels for the mobile version of Namco's landmark game, using development tools including Builder 2D and Qualcomm's Brew Emulator.

Macromedia/Shockwave, San Francisco

As senior designer in a 20-member production team, Don was responsible for creating and developing content for one of the Internet’s largest entertainment portals, where his puzzles and casual games generated nearly one million page-views per month.

Jukebox Puzzle
The Jukebox Puzzle is an animated version of a very successful puzzle designed for CBS Records and newspaper syndication. It packs a vintage jukebox, cycling lights and bubble tracks into an incredibly efficient, 110KB file. A custom database (built in Access) is used to edit the content and export the XML

Marquee Puzzle

Produced and created for Shockwave and Atom Films, the Marquee puzzle received more than 300,000 page-views in its first week on, topping all new content and ranking it fifth overall on the site, ahead of blockbusters like “Tetris.”

TossWords Puzzle

Cartoon Moon, Boston

A content producer for this online showcase of original, Flash-based entertainment, Don created and produced interactive puzzles and educational games that helped earn the site an award as “Best Entertainment Web Site.”

“Crystal Ball”

“Motion Pixels” (beta)
Motion Pixels is a kinetic, jigsaw—a puzzle in which movement, rather than shape or color, determines the correct arrangement of pieces.

Eye Cues” (beta)

“Pixel Detector”
The Pixel Detector was designed to teach children the alphabet, typefaces, symbols and pictures.

Bali Hai Entertainment, Los Angeles

Don served as project team leader and content producer of interactive games and entertainment for the company's award-winning, media-rich Web site.

Other puzzles: