"Whoa! That is incredible! How did you find this stuff?! Who is your contact, and can they come in and teach us how to do web searches? Seriously, having someone do legwork like this is a huge time saver. I spent hours looking for this type of stuff."

JT, designer
Electronic Arts Los Angeles

Don has provided video game publishers, developers, artists and designers with visual and factual reference materials used to design and art direct triple-A console and PC video games.

Credits include:

Medal of Honor Airborne
Medal of Honor European Assault
Medal of Honor Rising Sun (2003)

The research Don supplies is unique in its scope and depth, meticulously compiled and organized to give artists and designers rapid access to the most visually compelling and historically accurate resources available. Obtained from public and private sources, military and civilian records and archives, scientific organizations, museums and universities, the material includes vintage and contemporary photographs, illustrations, maps, charts, diagrams, graphics, diaries, manuals, schematics, videos and 360-degree panoramas.

Contributions have included:

• Detailed reference on locations and scenic elements
• Architecture, including floor plans and structural details
• Roads, bridges and industrial infrastructure
• Military campaigns, strategy and tactics
• Vessels and motor vehicles
• Operational and functional information on weapons and weapons systems
• Geology and topographical data used in tiling, including flora and soil composition
• Weather and climatological conditions
• Content used to create an in-game economy
• Graphic ephemera used in set-dressing entire games

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